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Whether you have a specific vision for a screen porch or are just starting to explore options for your custom composite deck, we’re happy to help!

Why Choose 3rd Gen Deck Builders in Green Bay WI

Our main priority is building a custom deck that works for you. While we’re partial to the look and durability of a PVC or composite deck, we understand that it may not be the best fit for every situation. We’re happy to build you a wood deck if it’s what you prefer.

Specialization in Composite Decks

That said, our team specializes in building composite decks because we truly believe it’s a better investment for the majority of homeowners.

First, let’s take a look at a few of the main benefits versus drawbacks of composite decking…


  • Less warping or rotting because it can withstand moisture better.
  • Doesn’t scratch easily and you won’t scrape off stain or paint during the inevitable winter snow removal that comes with living in Green Bay.
  • Because it’s manufactured, the boards are more reliably uniform than wood, which allows us to provide a consistent, finished product.
  • Far less deck maintenance because you don’t have to re-stain it each summer.


  • Requires a bit more effort to source replacement boards later on because you have to find the color match.
  • You’ll need to be careful when applying bug spray or sunscreen (if they’re aerosolized sprays) because they can stain the boards.
  • Everyone will want to hang out on your deck, so you might have to host more often.

If you’re considering a composite deck, we’d be happy to provide a free estimate for our deck design, build, and installation services.

(We stand behind our work, so we offer repairs for past clients in the form of rare warranty cases. However, we don’t offer small maintenance or repair services for new clients because it’s typically not the longest lasting or safest solution.)


Give us a call today at (920)-944-8454 to schedule your free deck or screen porch estimate!

Green Bay Decking Reviews

Custom Deck Build Client

Fitchburg Deck Building Testimonial

“We are very pleased with the quality and pricing of our new deck. Brian and Cassidy did a superior job with the installation. And Matt was super helpful in coordinating the project. This is a reliable company with great customer service.” – Lyn K.

Deck Building Review from Our Appleton, WI Google Profile

Composite Deck Review Madison WI

“They did a fabulous job taking down an old wood deck and replacing it from the ground up with a brand new deck that will last for decades. The new composite decking looks wonderful as well as the steel, aluminum and vinyl railing that was installed to match our French colonial house.” – Phil D.

Composite Deck Client Feedback

Madison Deck Rebuild Monona, WI

“Really liked working with the guys at 3rd Gen Deck Builders. They were the only ones in the area who returned our call and quickly came out and looked at our project. The quality of the work was great. They cleaned up after themselves and left us with a great new deck.” – Steve M.

Composite Deck Design & Installation Service Process

We could go on and on about our entire deck installation process, but wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of hiring professional deck builders? We want to take things off of your plate, not add to them. Let’s talk about the fun part of our experience where we do need you to partner with us…

Consultation and Design Planning

The first step is to request a free estimate with one of our Green Bay deck experts. While the goal is just as it sounds (to provide a free quote for your project), this is very much a consultation process for us.

We’ll start by looking at the build site. If you have a current deck, we can inspect it and discuss your options; however, you should know that most of the time (especially when switching from wood decking to composite), we’re going to recommend a complete rebuild. This allows us to ensure your deck is up to current code / we’re building legally, but also that your deck is safe. The last thing we want to do is have you invest in something that won’t last.

As we look at the space, we’ll start doing a little design planning. Here are a few factors we take into consideration when thinking through your deck size and layout:

  • LIFESTYLE: How do you plan to use the deck? Will you have specific furniture or grilling / smoking equipment we need to account for spatially?
  • CURRENT SPACE: Where are the deck entry and exit points? How can we lay it out in a way that is efficient and flows to make it more usable?
  • OBSTACLES: Is anything in the way? This could be landscaping, windows we need to start or stop the deck railing around, or even utility boxes around the space. We need to know our limitations so we can get creative.
  • BUDGET: If we know your budget, we can better help you build as close to your dream deck as possible within it. For example, if composite decking is important to you, but size is flexible, we may suggest a shape or size that requires only one row of footings to save you money.

Once we settle on your custom layout, we can start to talk a bit more about materials. Again, there are multiple factors here to look at:

  • DECK LOCATION: Is it in direct sun or shaded? Is it a pool deck that will need to stand up to above average moisture exposure?
  • LIFESTYLE: Do you have little ones that might crawl on the boards? How about pets that will be digging in their claws to chase after the squirrels that taunt them through the windows? Or maybe you have a Traeger, Big Green Egg, Weber, and Blackstone Griddle we need to create space for (yes, we’ve seen this and no judgments – maybe just a little envy)…
  • BUDGET: The biggest cost difference between each tier of composite or each tier of PVC decking is aesthetic. We’ll go through colors and grain patterns to find one that complements your house, but also your wallet.

All of the options can be really overwhelming. But, we’ve got an arsenal of decking knowledge and go into each and every estimate with the intent of finding the right solution for you. Before we leave, we’ll quickly recap everything we’ve discussed and make our final recommendation.

By the time you receive your custom estimate (typically within just a couple of days) you’ll feel confident enough in what we’ve covered to make a decision. Though, to be clear, we’re always happy to chat / help further.

Too excited to type? We get ya. Feel free to call 3rd Gen’s deck team now!

Once you officially become a client, we’ll get started with scheduling and finalizing materials. Many of our clients find it helpful to see full samples next to their home before signing off, so we often schedule a time to stop by with those.

Once we’re done with the designing planning phase, we’ll begin our prep process for your project. And before our Green Bay deck building crews officially start, we’ll touch base once more to go over small details to help your project run smoothly.

Our average project takes about 1-2 weeks to complete (depending on the weather). So once our deck building crews show up for demo, all you’ll need to worry about is picking out what furniture to get for your new space!

PVC & Composite Deck Builder

We feel very strongly about using the best materials for our clients. After years of experience working with various options, we’ve landed on one brand we trust to bring the perfect blend of aesthetics, longevity, and a warranty to back it up…

AZEK / TimberTech is our top recommended brand for maintenance free decking. Want to take a peek at the various products we offer and a few more reasons for why we love them? Our deck-obsessed team members helped put together an entire guide just for you.

That said, they have so much more to say about the products than what fits on one page, so if you’re not one for research, they’ll be happy to chat through it all in person during your free estimate. And don’t worry… if you’re set on a different decking brand, just let us know. We’re here to build the perfect deck for you, so we can build with that too.

Wood vs Composite Decks

As you can probably tell by just the few pictures you’ve seen so far, we’re pretty passionate about building PVC or composite decks. Keep scrolling if you’re already convinced and we’ll tell you which brand is our favorite. But, if you’re still wondering whether wood or composite decking is right for you, let’s do a little comparison. (Pssst… we can build either – we just want you to understand your investment.)

Composite vs Wood Deck Cost

A wood deck will absolutely be cheaper… in the short term! Even though the labor cost will be about the same, the material cost is lower if you’re using standard lumber rather than PVC or composite. That said, over time, wood decks actually end up being more expensive from a time and maintenance perspective. You’ll spend just about every other summer staining or resealing it just to keep it from rotting or looking like a mess.

Within ten years of installation, composite actually ends up being less expensive overall. If you don’t plan to be in your home for at least ten more years, it’s also worth noting that composite decks may be more desirable from a buyer’s perspective, so either way, composite usually makes more sense.

Wood Decking Pros & Cons


  • Cheaper upfront because wood is less expensive.
  • Can change the color scheme on your deck as often as you’d like using stain or paint.
  • Looks the most like real wood because it is…

  • Requires regular maintenance in the form of staining or painting, which gets expensive over time.
  • Boards rot, weather, and warp more easily over time, which may require replacement.

Composite Decking Pros & Cons


  • Cheaper in the long run because it doesn’t require annual staining or maintenance.
  • Resists rotting, warping, and scratching.
  • Because it’s manufactured, it has a uniform aesthetic.

  • Aerosol sprays can stain the boards, so don’t apply sunscreen or bug spray on your deck.
  • Could be tough to match later if you needed to replace a damaged board.
Obviously within wood decking materials, there are a variety of options for durability and weather resistance. But all in all, composite decking makes much more sense for the majority of our customers.

Advantages of Composite Decks for Low Maintenance and Longevity

On top of all the benefits we already mentioned, one of the biggest reasons clients love their PVC and composite decks is because they don’t have to waste any more beautiful summer days staining or painting their outdoor living spaces! (Because even though we all naively hope our re-stain will last a couple of seasons, we know that after a rough winter, there will be peeling.)

With a low maintenance composite deck, you can have it summer ready with a quick hose down to wash away dirt and debris. So much easier and honestly, way more desirable from a buyer’s perspective too if you ever plan on selling.

Here’s the thing, though… a lot of potential clients assume that composite decks are going to be considerably more expensive than wood decks. First of all, budget is something we will absolutely discuss with you to make the best recommendations. But, it’s also important to know that unless you plan to sell your house within a year of building your deck, it almost always makes more sense to build with composite.

When you consider the cost of maintenance (stain, paint, and labor to keep up with it each year), composite decks actually cost a homeowner less money by year ten. The materials we use come with a 25-50 year warranty, which is proof of their longevity. Pair that with the high quality work done by our 3rd Gen deck builders and you’ve got a dream deck that we can design, build, and you can simply enjoy.

3rd Gen's Recent Deck Builds

Want to see what’s possible? Or just make sure we actually know what we’re doing? No judgment. We’re really proud of the work our deck building crews do and would love for you to see it.

Everyone at 3rd Gen was fantastic to work with. They met with me multiple times to plan out my project and offer suggestions on how to maximize my value per dollar spent. The finished product was wonderful. I’d recommend 3rd Gen to anyone who wants their project done with high quality and professionalism.

Kris R.

They helped us design our deck, making several recommendations that we hadn’t considered, showing their experience and professionalism. Once work began, they were detailed and perfectionist, readily answering questions and making adjustments as they went. The team lead was very detail oriented and overall, the 3rd Gen crew did an outstanding job. 

Kelsey B.

Trusted Deck Builders in Green Bay, WI

We’re not going to pretend to be unbiased when it comes to the materials we use. There are many options on the market and ultimately, we can build with whatever you prefer. But, after years of building PVC and composite decks, we’ve become brand loyal to one manufacturer and for good reason.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

TimberTech is an American made maintenance free decking company that continues to innovate and produce high quality materials. Compared to their top competitors, like Trex or Deckorators, we’re a big fan of TimberTech for five main reasons:

  • Their grain patterns and colors mimic wood more realistically.
  • Their boards are more resistant to scratches, stains, fading, and water damage.
  • They’re the leading company offering composite and PVC. If our clients have a deck in direct sunlight, PVC boards will be 30 degrees cooler than a comparable composite color.
  • Their composite warranties are 10-25 years longer, which shows us they’re confident in their products. TimberTech PVC boards also come with a limited lifetime structural warranty.
  • They take industry innovations very seriously. Through their recycling program alone, they’ve prevented over 500 million pounds of waste from ending up in landfills!

It’s also important to note that while building a wood deck and composite deck follow a similar process, finding a professional deck contractor that specializes in composite is important. Not only does the actual framing of the deck differ to account for the added weight of the maintenance free boards, composite decks also require a bit more craftsmanship to provide a high-end finished look.

Unlike wood boards that can be cut and will always look like wood, composite boards are finished on the edges. If you cut them along the edge of a deck, you’ll notice a difference in color and texture. When we’re building composite decks, we play close attention to where boards will be cut and always use picture frames (shown below) in our design so the edges are clean.

Lastly, we use Cortex Hidden Fasteners designed to work with TimberTech because they allow us to conceal the screws holding down your boards, leaving you with a smooth surface on your beautiful deck. Without knowledge and experience working with these materials, you simply won’t get the same polished look.

At the risk of sounding like every other company out there, customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us. And luckily for you, we live in a digital age where online reviews and BBB ratings can give us a ton of insight into a company. We encourage you to check out our Google page to see what past clients have said.

It’s also important to note that on top of the material warranty from TimberTech, we also warranty our work. If you have any issues with your deck within the first 5 years, we encourage you to reach back out to us so we can make it right! 

We use of high-quality materials by deck builders for long-lasting results

Providing you with a smooth project experience from beginning to end is always our goal and we’ve created seamless systems to make that happen. Here are some steps our friendly team of decking professionals take care of before we begin building on your property:

  • Pull necessary permits required by your municipality to ensure we’re following building codes.
  • Order your framing, decking, railing, and any finishing materials (such as deck lighting).
  • Call Diggers Hotline to mark your underground utilities to avoid any issues and keep our team safe.
  • Arrange for dumpsters to be dropped off for demo (in a spot that works for you).

Aside from using TimberTech to finish our decks, our team also uses other high-quality materials like code-compliant Diamond Piers to begin the framing process. They’re used in place of traditional concrete footings, which require multiple days for digging, pouring, and inspections.

Diamond Piers are set using long, steel rods spread in multiple directions (much like tree roots) and can be built on in the same day. This allows us to build all year round (yes, even during Green Bay winters) and provide quick project completion for your new, sturdy deck.

This is just one example of how our attention to detail and dedication to professional deck installation translates to excellent service.

deck builder in madison wi
Our Green Bay decking experts know exactly how to build long-lasting composite decks and screen porches while delivering an incredible experience. From helping you choose the right products for your project to the final walkthrough, our deck crews are excellent communicators.

We always want you to know what to expect next, when we’ll be around, or if we encounter an issue. You’ll be kept in the loop with quick response times because as the owner of the property, we feel that’s what you deserve.

Without our clients and our team members, we don’t have a business. Making you happy is our top priority. While we may take the time to educate you on why we do things a certain way or use a specific type of product, the final call is up to you!

Bottom line… if you’re looking for a decking contractor that actually cares about their clients (and their craft), we’re ready to chat!

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We aren’t some big, national company franchised here in Wisconsin… We operate strictly out of Madison and the Fox Valley area. While our owner lives just North of Madison with his wife, his right hand man, Alex, grew up in Neenah and our local deck expert, Aaron, grew up in Appleton.

We believe in working with good people and serving them well in communities we care about. We know the Fox Cities are full of wonderful people with great values and we’re excited to serve you.

Madison, Wisconsin Deck Building Company

One last note… Some of the cities we serve include Appleton, Green Bay, Menasha, Kaukauna, Little Chute, Oshkosh, and Neenah. Next time you head to Google to search “deck builders near me,” we hope you consider calling 3rd Gen Deck Builders Green Bay WI!

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