The 3rd Generation Painting Story

3rd Gen Painting and Remodeling Owners

The founders of 3rd Gen painting, Andre and Matt, first met while in college working as managers for a construction company. They were responsible for growing and starting multiple new markets for the nation’s largest painting and construction firm.

After a few years working together they both went off on their own to open separate businesses. Matt went on to franchise a new division for the same company. Conversely, Andre went off to continue the legacy of his mother’s cleaning company after her sudden passing.

Eventually, Matt decided to move back to the Midwest. Shortly after moving back home, Matt asked Andre if he would be interested in starting up a new construction company together, their way.

A New Generation of Painting and Remodeling Contractor

The rest is history. Andre and Matt decided to name their company 3rd Gen Painting and Remodeling, to honor the past generations of their family members that had worked and owned businesses in the trades.

Additionally, the 3rd Generation name stands as an evolution from the typical painting or remodeling contractor. Simply put, 3rd Gen Painting looks to completely disrupt the status quo in the contracting industry.

The company aims to provide a new level of customer service, different from the tactics employed by the typical painting or remodeling contractor. 3rd Gen’s award-winning system is tailored around the customer experience and provides unmatched value to our customer & employees alike. Our team has one guiding principal… regardless of whether it’s harder, less profitable, or less convenient, we always do the right thing.

Humble Beginnings

3rd generation painting

As we mentioned, Andre and Matt come from strong family values and a reputation for integrity and hard work. Matt’s grandfather built his own construction company while Andre’s mother built her own home cleaning business as a Polish immigrant and was a teacher in Brookfield, IL.

Matt currently lives just North of Madison with his wife, Cassie, and their sweet black Lab, Tucker, and now solely owns and operates 3rd Gen alongside his incredible team.

3rd generation painting mascots

Important Side Note: If “must love dogs” is on your contractor wish list, we’ve got you covered! Our team is very pet friendly (as you can see) & as long as it’s okay with you, a few minutes of your estimate will likely be spent petting your fur babies…

We Are Excited For 2023 & Beyond!

Matt & the 3rd Gen team are excited for the future as the company has expanded exponentially over the past year.

Our goal for 2022 was to gain even more five-star reviews from happy clients… between our two deck locations & one painting / remodeling location in Madison, we have accumulated nearly 100 perfect reviews from homeowners in Dane County. It’s feedback like this that reminds us we’re staying true to our mission of excellent service…

After getting several estimates & interviewing contractors, we chose 3rd Gen & are very satisfied with that choice. Matt & Alex helped us design our deck, making several recommendations we hadn’t considered, showing their expertise & professionalism.

Once work began, they were detailed & perfectionist, readily answering questions & making adjustments as they went. The team lead, Zack, was very detail oriented and overall, the 3rd Gen crew did an outstanding job. We are very pleased with the new deck & highly recommend them to anyone considering any renovation.

Don R.

If you are a homeowner looking for an incredible painting or remodeling contractor to tackle your next home renovation project, we hope you’ll get in touch by giving us a call or requesting a free estimate online.

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