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Expert Exterior House Painters Near You in Madison WI

Looking for an exterior painter or house painting contractor near Madison WI?

The highest quality exterior paint jobs indeed require excellent attention to detail. In addition, the Madison painting company you choose must have an emphatic commitment providing an amazing customer service experience.

Moreover, you need an exterior painting contractor in Madison that treats your home with respect and is able to hit project deadlines, every time.

3rd Gen Painting and Remodeling in Madison knows quality exterior painting.

Unquestionably, our friendly and professional exterior painters are simply the best that Madison have to offer! Their attention to detail and equally important focus on the prep process is unmatched.

In fact, 3rd Gen Painting in Madison is the #1-rated exterior house painting contractor in Madison of 2019 on sites like Yelp, Houzz, and AngiesList!


Over Seventy-Eight 5-Star House Painting & Deck Building Reviews Online!

Madison Painting Contractors Who Take Pride in Prep Work

The best house painting contractors in Madison know that a quality paint job is more than slapping paint on the wall or trim.

Undeniably, the key to a quality exterior paint job relies on extensive PREPARATION of the surface area before painting.

Therefore, by ensuring each surface is properly cleaned, scraped, caulked, and primed before applying the first coat of paint, our house painting projects simply last longer than your typical paint job.

How do I find a good exterior painter near me?

The key to finding a good house painter near you comes down to one thing.

Prep Work.

When it comes to finding a great exterior painter in Madison, planning and preparation ahead of time is essential to getting a quality paint job.

Here are the most important things to consider when prepping for your painters search.

The Early Bird Gets the Best Painter

Savvy homeowners in Madison know the best exterior painters in Madison book up early.

To reserve a spot with a great Madison house painter, you’ll need to start getting your estimates in as soon as March or early April at the latest.

Furthermore, booking early allows for scheduling flexibility.

Finding a painter early is essential if you have painting completion date in mind (like before your annual 4th of July party).

Prepare for Your Painting Estimate

Taking 15 minutes to do a bit of exterior painting research online before your estimate will go a long way in finding a great exterior painer

In addition, educating yourself on what goes into a great exterior paint job will help you set great expectations with your future painting contractor.

Hint: Proper prep work before any kind of painting is done is the #1 most important aspect of a quality exterior paint job. Check out our new 2019 Exterior Painting Guide for all the exterior painting tips and advice you’ll need!

Additional Exterior Painting Resources for Homeowners Near Madison:

Be Sure Meet Your Painter in Person

Certainly, being at home during the painting estimate is huge if you want to find a great home painter.

Moreover, you are likely a good judge of character so meeting your painting contractor in person is key.

Lastly, because you did your homework on exterior painting beforehand, you’ll know exactly what to look out for. But what specific questions should you ask each painter?

Questions To Ask During Your Painting Estimate

Knowing what questions to ask during each house painting estimate is the last aspect to finding a great house painter.

Great questions to ask your painter include:

  • Do you have both liability insurance AND Workers comp? (ask for copies and check validity of documents)
  • What exact steps will you take to prep my home for painting?
  • What kind of workers do you have on your crews? Where do you find them and do you do background checks?
  • What kind of warranty do you have on your exterior painting work? (MAKE SURE to confim the paint warranty details are in writing)
  • How long will my painting project take?

Painters Near Madison With Award-Winning Customer Service

Above all, our award-winning exterior painters are committed to providing a great customer service experience. With this purpose in mind, they will respect your home and actually LISTEN to your specific needs and incorporate them immediately.

In other words, we treat your exterior painting project as we would our own!

Not to mention, our reputation as the best reviewed local Madison painting company is on the line -every single day.


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*UPDATED March 5th, 2019: Our Interior Painting & Remodeling spots for Early 2019 are nearly 100% booked so don’t delay in reaching out about your house painting project in Madison!

In addition, we are booking up quickly for the 2019 Spring & Summer Exterior House Painting season. Indeed, we will happily brave the elements to take a look at any future exterior painting, deck building, or remodeling projects in Madison you are thinking about.

-Did you know that house painting contractors offer their biggest discounts of the year (we are talking 28-46% OFF) during the months of January- March 2019?

Exterior Painters in Madison That Treat Your Home Like Our Own

3rd Gen Painting in Madison WI is the #1 Rated Madison Painting Contractor & Deck Builder in Madison WI.

Moreover, our professional painters earned over 78 perfect 5-Star reviews online in 2018 on sites like Yelp, AngiesList, Houzz, and Google.

Surely, 3rd Gen’s friendly and professional exterior painters have your home covered this Spring!


In like fashion, our painters will gladly walk you through every step of the exterior painting process. From putting up exterior paint color samples before the start of painting to performing a full clean up at the end of your exterior painting project, they have you covered.

In addition, we only use only the best paints & primers from trusted brand names like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore to ensure your painting project turns out incredible.

Finally, to show you how confident we are in our workmanship, we back each of our interior and exterior home painting projects for a MINIMUM of 3 years or 5 years for 2 coat paint jobs.

-Having trouble finding the perfect home paint color combo? Our new paint color guide may be a great place to start!

Talented Deck Builders in Madison WI

3rd Gen’s deck builders in Madison WI do incredible work & will help design and build the exterior wood or composite deck of your dreams!

With this purpose in mind, we are well-seasoned in working with top quality exterior wood products and composite decking brands like Azek, Timbertech & Trex Decking.

deck builders madison wi

From structural deck repairs to exterior deck resurfacing -you can count on 3rd Gen’s expert carpenters to build a deck that lasts for decades!

-Looking for a House Painting Contractor in Chicago, IL? Navigate on over to our Chicago or Western Springs, IL page to learn more about our Chicago location. What’s more, we also own one of the top rated cleaning services Near Hinsdale, IL in case you are in the market (this may explain why our job sites are so clean!).

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Exterior Painting Guide 2019

Believe it or not, springtime is just around the corner. The spring marks the beginning of the exterior house painting season for both house painting contractors and savvy homeowners alike.

As soon as the weather starts warming up in a few weeks, you will likely start noticing signs of wear and tear on your home’s exterior. But when do you know it is time to paint vs waiting one more year?

You’ll find the answer to that question and many more in this Homeowner’s Exterior Painting Guide (Spring 2019 Edition).

With our help, you can be 100% confident and ready to bring on the Spring in 2019!

1. What Are The Parts of A House Exterior?

  1. Siding: Protective material attached to the exterior walls of a home. Siding materials range from wooden clapboards and cedar shakes to vinyl, fiberboard, or aluminum.
  2. Eaves or Soffits: Both terms are often used interchangeably to describe the horizontal downward-facing underside of an overhang on a home. Technically speaking, eaves are located at the lip or underside of the gutter and the soffit is the actual underside section of the overhang that meets the top of the siding at a right angle.
  3. Fascia: Front-facing trim board typically located behind gutters and just under the roof line.
  4. Dormer: Entire gabled structure that projects beyond the pitch of the roof line.
  5. Window Trim: Front-facing trim surrounding or “trimming” exterior windows.
  6. Rain Gutter: Normally affixed to fascia, gutters are used to divert rain away from the roof through a downspout.
  7. Downspout: Vertical pipe attached to gutters that divert water away from the home.
  8. Shutters: Squared Panels that are normally located on either side of windows. Most shutters are permanently mounted onto the siding or brick on either side of windows as purely decorative fixtures. In some cases, they may swing in to close and protect the window.
  9. Gable: Triangular portion of roof that directs rain down either side. As an example, the home pictured above has 3 front facing gables in total.

2. What Causes Peeling Paint On My Home’s Exterior? (And How To Fix It)

Oftentimes, it is rather easy to see when you need a new paint job. Peeling paint, flaking stain, or rotten wood are not hard to spot.

However, there are times when damage on your home’s exterior is less apparent. With a nasty winter season like the one we just had in the Midwest, you would be surprised how quickly things can deteriorate under extreme conditions.

Catching issues like water damage and rot early can save you tens of thousands of dollars (and a few headaches) in future replacement costs down the line.

With this guide, you’ll be able to spot, diagnose, and prevent future damage like a professional painter.

The sooner you are able to spot and repair the damaged areas, the less you will have to pay down the line. Here are the warning signs to look out for that will tell you if it’s time to paint.


Peeling Paint

Common Causes: Inadequate surface prep or issues with top coat adhesion due to underlying moisture or type of paint product used

Best Fix: Scrape off peeling paint, sand lip between paint that isn’t peeling and bare wood or underlayer of paint, and prime surfaces before applying a top coat. Sanding may be substituted with applying a high build leveling primer under certain conditions (lead paint, etc).

Avg Cost to Repair: $50 – $850 (per side)

Bubbling or Blistering Paint

Common Causes: Inadequate surface prep or issues with top coat adhesion due to underlying moisture or type of paint product used

Best Fix: Pressure Wash and Scrub Surface (possible chemical or TSP wash and rinse may be required to neutralize surface)

Avg Cost to Repair: $50 – $850 (per side)

Alligatoring Paint (aka “Checking” Paint)

Common Causes: Expansion and contraction of wood painted with oil-based paint. Oil based is quite brittle and hardens as it ages over time forming parallel patterns of hairline cracking resembling alligator skin. Left untreated, the alligatoring paint starts forming squared checkerboard patterns and begins flaking off.

Best Fix: Scrape, sand, and prime using acrylic primer. You can also use a high-build leveling primer (such as PrimeRx Peelbond by Sherwin Williams) to fill cracks to create a smooth surface area vs sanding.

Avg Cost to Repair: $75-$1,400



Fading Paint or Stain

Common Causes: Use of low quality paint or stain. Also a symptom of a chemical breakdown of paint (may actually be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty).

Best Fix: Pressure Wash and Scrub Surface (possible TSP wash and rinse may be required)

Avg Cost to Repair: $50 – $350

Dry Rot or Rotted Wood

Common Causes: Water Damage and Decay Fungi that attacks unsealed and untreated wood.

Best Fix: Replace Rotten Boards

Avg Cost to Repair: $50 to Potentially Tens of Thousands if entire areas must be re-sided.


Mold or Mildew

Common Causes: Moisture, poor ventilation, and lack of direct sunlight over time allows mildew to grow on and under common exterior surfaces. Also could be caused by using paint without mildewcide (luckily, most quality exterior paints are mildew-proof these days).

Best Fix: Treat and rinse with TSP, bleach, or non-toxic mold detergent and pressure surface area. Stubborn areas of mold may need a surface scrub or multiple detergent rinse cycles followed by washdown with warm water.

Avg Cost to Repair: $50 – $375

Chalking Paint

Common Causes: Low Quality Paint or Additive to Paint

Best Fix: Pressure Wash and Scrub Surface (possible TSP wash and rinse may be required) and application of quality primer

Avg Cost to Repair: $50 – $350

Rusty Nails, Screws, or Hardware

Common Causes: Use of hardware not suited for exterior use (such as drywall nails used outdoors). Exterior-grade nails and screws are typically galvanized or hot-dipped with a zinc coating to protect from outdoor corrosion.

Best Fix: Replace rusty nails with exterior-grade hardware, wash rust stains, and spot prime with rust blocking primer.

Avg Cost to Repair: $50 to Potentially Tens of Thousands


Caulk Failure and Cracking

Common Causes: Previous use of low quality or wrong type of caulk on applicable surface. Also caused by lack of proper surface prep and/or priming.

Best Fix: First dig out old caulk. Then wash, scrape, sand, and prime surface so new caulk can adhere properly.

Avg Cost to Repair: $20-$450

Warping Wood

Common Causes: Uneven surface drying of exterior wood when one part of wood dries faster than others causing uneven expansion/contraction. May be caused by moisture trapped under wood.

Best Fix: Remove any trapped moisture and replace popped nails or screws on boards to secure wood. Warped wood may need to be replaced if warping is significant.

Avg Cost to Repair: $75 to $450

3. When is The Best Time of Year to Paint House Exterior?

exterior painting temperature

Up until recently, 50 degrees or above was the general rule when it came to exterior house painting. Due to recent advances in paint technology, you may be able to apply paint outdoors in 35 degree weather using a special low-temperature paint.

Having said that, we wouldn’t risk anything below 40-45 degrees. In our opinion, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to painting the exterior.

Conversely, the highest recommended temperature you can apply exterior paint is 90 degrees with an advisable relative humidity of 35% to 75%.

Why does temperature matter when it comes to exterior painting?

To sum it up (and spare you from all of the exciting details) paint simply doesn’t dry properly when it is too cold or too hot. This leads to peeling and paint adhesion issues down the line.

So what is the best time of year to paint your house? Well, it depends on when you are located.

For example, our company 3rd Gen Painting is Midwest-based (we have locations in both Madison, WI and Chicago, IL) so let’s check the average temps in Chicago.


The typical exterior painting season in Chicago begins April/May and runs until November depending on how mother nature is treating us that year.

We primarily paint homes in Chicago’s Near-West Suburbs (La Grange, Hinsdale, & Oak Park) so we don’t deal with the lake-effects in the city as, but cold is cold.

Summertime (June-Aug) in the Midwest tends to be hot and super humid so the best time to paint is actually in the Springtime.

Fall-time in the Midwest comes in a close 2nd-place for exterior home painting. Primarily because the humidity of summertime tends to overstay its’ welcome here in the Midwest.

4. How Long Does Exterior Paint Last?

The average exterior house paint job lasts about 5 years. Although, the longevity of your paint job will vary based on a number of factors including your climate and the amount of surface prep work performed before painting.

In the best case scenario, a quality paint job can last up to 7-11 years. Furthermore, some exterior surfaces (if prepared and coated properly) can last up to 15 years!

On the other hand, a failing surface area that hadn’t been prepared properly may barely make it past the first winter.

Factors you CAN’T control include the climate of your region and preexisting surface failures (roof leaks, incorrect window installs, improper flashing, etc).

Factors you CAN control include the amount of prep work performed before painting, type of paint used, number of coats applied, and using the right product on the right surface.

As you can imagine, factors like prep and using the right paint generally comes down to the quality of house painting contractor you hire (certainly a factor you control).

5. How Many Coats of Paint Do I Need?


Okay, so I am going to fill you in on some pretty valuable insight we have learned over the past decades of painting homes.

All things considered, opting for two coats vs one coat of paint may possibly be the best long-term decision you can make for your home (and for your wallet). Here are some of the most important reasons why you should opt for that second coat of paint.   

A. The 2nd Coat Can TRIPLE The Life of The Paint Job

That’s right, a quality two-coat paint job can TRIPLE the lifespan of your paint job vs applying a single coat.

The reason why is simple: Many exterior surfaces on your home are quite porous (wood, brick, cement, etc). The surfaces dry out over time as they are battered with rain, sun, and every other outdoor element you can imagine.

Your first coat of paint fills the cracks and worn out porous surfaces on your siding or trim. Worn surface literally acts like a sponge and soaks up the first coat, plugging the pores and cracks.

Consequently, your second coat of paint goes on way smoother and looks noticeably more consistent following the initial coat. Paint colors are noticeably richer and you can be confident that your home is protected from the elements.

In short, your first coat of paint allows the second coat to do its job properly as it works to both beautify and protect exterior surfaces. The 2nd coat is able to provide ample resistance to moisture, fading, and future paint breakdowns that, in turn, maximizes the life of the paint job.

B. A 2nd Paint Coat Makes Colors Look Fantastic!

Opting for a 2nd coat ensures that the new or current paint color really pops on your home.

A two-coat paint job helps make colors richer and more vibrant. Even if you are sticking with the same color, your home will look considerably better with a 2nd coat.

Although, the benefits of a 2nd coat really shine through when you change colors. Painting two coats completely opens up the spectrum of colors you can choose from. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the original color showing through the top coat when opt for 2nd coat.

C. Your Second Coat of Paint Costs You Less

A second coat typically costs 30-40% less than your first coat coat of paint and for good reason.

First, you save a ton on labor and materials as areas are already masked and taped from the 1st coat.

Second, there is no need to scrap sand or prime failing paint again as all prep has been performed before the first coat was applied.

So far we’ve learned that a 2nd coat triples longevity, makes paint colors look twice as vibrant, and costs 40% less.

Still not convinced? No worries, here is one more important yet often overlooked benefit of a 2nd coat.

D. A 2nd Coat is Needed To Qualify For Paint Manufacturer Warranties

Did you know that most paint companies offer up to a 30-year warranty on chemical failures of it’s paint?  

Yep, it’s right there in fine print on the paint can. Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and most reputable paints carry similar warranties on their exterior paint.  

The manufacturer warranty basically protects you in case there is a chemical breakdown in the paint which actually happens more often than most people think. More specifically, the warranty protect you from things like premature fading, bonding issues, and curing issues after the paint dries.

Also found in the fine print are the conditions required to qualify for your paint warranty. One of which is (you guessed it) the application of a two coats of paint.

E. Two Coats May Qualify You for An Extended Warranty With Your Painter

Most reputable painting contractors offer a written guarantee of labor and materials to back the quality of their work.

These warranties range from 1 year to even 7 years in some cases. Normally, any warranty over 5 years requires a two or more paint coats.

This will really save you down the line in case your paint starts peeling prematurely.

A reputable painting contractor will come out free of charge within the warranty period to prep and repaint the failing areas. Now, you just have to find one you can trust will be in business that long (which is another story altogether).

A Few More Exterior House Painting Resources for Madison Homeowners:

What Is The Best Exterior Paint?


The type of paint you choose for your exterior has a major effect on the longevity of your paint job.

Generally speaking, higher quality exterior paints like Sherwin Williams’ Emerald exterior paint or Aura exterior paint by Benjamin Moore, tend to last longer. As you might have guessed, they also happen to have a higher price tag (upwards of $75 per gallon!).

Keep in mind that even the most expensive or best exterior house paint can’t make up for a lack of prep work (feel free to insert your favorite “lipstick on a pig” idiom here).

Also worth noting, different types of exterior surfaces on homes (wood, metal, hardie board) have their own quirks when it comes to painting. The type of paint you use and amount of recommended coats will vary based on the surface being painted.

Prep Work is the Best Work

All things considered, the #1 most important factor in a paint job that lasts is the amount of prep work performed.

The top 3 prep work tasks that affect paint job longevity most are:

  1. The washing of the home’s exterior surfaces before painting
  2. Amount of scraping, sanding, & priming of failing paint surfaces
  3. Caulking, sealing, and priming areas of bare wood and cracks

No amount of painting experience makes up for a lack of prep work before painting.

Sure, a painter may have 30 years of experience but if they aren’t willing to roll up their sleeves & pick up a paint scraper, you are going to have issues down the line.

House Painting Color Guide 2019

So I am sure everyone has heard some of the stats regarding the effect of paint colors on your home’s value.

You know, basically the title of every click-bait home improvement article you’ll find on the internet including:

  • Stick with neutral colors and shades of light gray for the “millennial” buyer
  • Contrasting colors make a huge impact on real estate photos (especially in kitchens and home exteriors)
  • Exteriors of homes painted towards the greige paint color family sold for $3,496 more than homes painted brown
  • Paint your front door a black or charcoal color and increase the value by like $6,000
  • Two-tone kitchen cabinet color combos (dark navy + white cabinets are best) add $1,500
  • Light blue or grayish blue bathroom colors add $2,786 to a home sale price (this one is kinda interesting)
  • Living rooms with light taupe wall colors with pink or peach undertones typically sell for $2,793 more than expected (okay, now I am getting why these stats are so effective as click-bait because that is pretty cool)

Look, we aren’t ALL trying to put our homes up for sale tomorrow.

The paint colors you pick for your home’s exterior should instead reflect your personal color preferences and styles.

In any case, here are some of the up and coming paint color trends you’ll be hearing all about in 2019:

Grays are Getting Warmer 2019 marks a notable transition towards the warmer side of the paint palette. The latest popular gray color palettes have subtle warmed tones that pair well with more earthy paint color schemes throughout the home.

See the Forest for the Trees (Literally) Lighter bark shades and earthy tones mark a turn towards the warmer side of the paint swatch spectrum. Combine that with natural texture of a stone backsplash or fireplace and you have a full-on natural color trend. Furthermore, Sherwin Williams’ 2019 Color of the year, Cavern Clay SW7701, is a great tone to bring the warm vibes of the outdoors in your home.

Sweet Coral-ine (bom bom bom) Coral paint color shades are more than a silly Neil Diamond song pun these days. Coral and pale pink tones are serious contenders for breakout color of the year (see Patone’s color of the year 2019). Coral can inject some much needed energy into your home’s paint color palette and is officially on the map this year.

We’ve got the Powder Blue Powdery or hazy light blue tones are more than just great color tones for bathrooms and coastal designs. They can be a great backdrop if you are going for a more tranquil, zen-inspired modern or contemporary style in your room.

3rd Gen Painters Madison WI Reviews

Madison Painting Homeowner Resources -UPDATED March 5th, 2019

With over Seventy-eight 5-Star house painting reviews online, 3rd Gen Painting is, without a doubt, the #1 reviewed house painter in Madison WI and Dane County of 2019!

For one thing, our painters and carpenters take a lot of pride in the customer service and quality of work they provide and it shows. Their attention to detail is unmatched and has helped make us one of the best rated painting companies in Madison.

Whether we are doing simple drywall repairs and painting a wall in your living room or building a composite deck in your backyard, our goal is to earn a stellar review from each of our painting or remodeling clients.

By the same token, keeping our top spot as one of the top rated painting companies in Madison isn’t going to be easy. However, I have a feeling our painting and remodeling crews are up for the challenge!

Paint Stores in Madison WI

Madison Painting Homeowner Resources -UPDATED January 4th, 2019

3rd Gen Painting has put together a quick list of Madison paint store locations to help homeowners in Madison and surrounding Dane County find great paint!

-Each tab below has a few PRO TIPS with specific paint product recommendations for each Madison area paint store!

Sherwin Williams in Madison WI

Our favorite Sherwin Williams paint product is their exterior line of Duration Paint -best used for exterior siding, trim, eaves, and fascia. Consequently, this paint’s excellent coverage and color retention makes for a thick and durable paint & primer in one for your home’s exterior.

Interior Painting Quick Tip:

We recommend Sherwin’s ProClassic interior latex paint for trim in high traffic areas (baseboards, chair rails, etc). This quality interior paint provides a durable enamel topcoat that is more resistant to dings and scratches.

In addition, our top interior wall paint by Sherwin is SuperPaint, which comes in a flat, velvet, satin, or semi-gloss finish. SuperPaint’s coverage is exceptional and is one of the better priced (for Sherwin standards) interior paints.

Benjamin Moore Madison WI

One of our favorite paints for interior walls is Regal Select interior paint. Solid coverage and a built-in primer makes Regal Select a great choice for interior paint.

Looking for a fantastic exterior home painter near Madison this Spring? Contact 3rd Gen Painting in Madison, WI Today!


Paint Stores That Carry Benjamin Moore Paints in Madison:

Bonus Pro Tip:
Here is a helpful list of paint stores in Madison that carry PPG Paint products and house paints.

Madison Home Depot Locations

Home Depot has a great selection of supplies and tools and is a ‘sleeper’ pick for some very quality and affordable interior paints and stains. In our opinion, Glidden & Behr paint products are solid choices with decent overall coverage if you are looking to change interior paint colors or sheen.

Home Depot Locations in Madison WI:

As a final note, Home Depot carries Rust-Oleum paint and primer products. These are best used for exterior metal surfaces such as wrought iron metal railings, metal staircases, iron gates, metal iron fences.

Menards Madison WI

Menards is one of our top picks for cheap house paint and lumber in Madison WI. For the most part, the prices of most home improvement items at Menards are slightly lower than Home Depot. To that end, Menards doesn’t carry some of the bigger brand name tool and hardware manufacturers such as Milwaukee or Dewalt Tools.

Quick Tip: Menards carries Pittsburg Paints and Stains along with Dutchboy Paint Products which are lower to mid-grade paints in our book.

Menards Locations in Madison WI: