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#1-Rated Painters Madison WI 

Finding a great Madison painting contractor or house painter in Madison, WI can be tough. Fortunately, 3rd Gen Painting and Remodeling has homeowners in Madison & nearby neighborhoods like Fitchburg and Verona covered.

3rd Gen has been rated the #1 house painter in Madison by local Madison homeowners just like you. Admittedly, when it comes to 3rd Gen being the best Madison Painting contractors, the proof is in the paint job.

Our award-winning professional painting crews in Madison have earned dozens of 5-star interior & exterior painting reviews in the past year alone. Isn’t it time you expected more from your local Madison house painter?

3rd Gen’s Painters in Madison WI Recent Awards

  1. “Best Of Service Award” from Houzz (Category: Interior & Exterior Painters in Madison WI).
  2. The #1-Rated Painting Contractor in the State of Wisconsin (and the #8 best rated Wisconsin business across ALL industries in 2019) by
  3. Threebestrated’s Top Interior and Exterior House Painters in Madison, WI
What Painting & Remodeling Services Do You Offer in Madison?

3rd Gen Painting and Remodeling is well versed in a variety of home painting and remodeling services in Madison, Wisconsin including:

  • Exterior House Painting
  • Interior Painting
  • Commercial Painting
  • Drywall Installation
  • Deck Building & Deck Repairs
  • Trex Decks & Composite Decking Installation
  • AZEK & TimberTech Composite Deck Builds
  • Trim & Finish Carpentry & Woodwork
  • Kitchen, Basement, & Bathroom Remodeling

The Premier Madison Painting Contractor

What sets 3rd Gen apart from other house painters in Madison, WI? It’s no secret the highest quality paint jobs require excellent attention to detail.

But on top of that, the Madison painting company you choose must have a commitment to providing an amazing customer service experience. You need a painting contractor in Madison that treats your home with respect and is able to hit project deadlines every time.

We may be biased, but our friendly & professional exterior painters are simply the best that Madison have to offer. Through detailed prep work & great communication, 

As a result, 3rd Gen was rated the #1-rated house painter in Madison on sites like Yelp, Houzz, & AngiesList. Bottom line? 3rd Gen Painting and Remodeling in Madison knows quality interior & exterior house painting. 


Over 100 5-Star House Painting & Deck Building Reviews

Painters in Madison WI Who Take Pride in Prep Work

As we mentioned briefly, the best house painting contractors in Madison know that a quality paint job is more than slapping paint on the wall or trim.

The key to a quality exterior paint job relies on extensive PREPARATION of the surface area before painting (80% of a quality paint job is prep).

In a nutshell, by ensuring each surface is properly cleaned, scraped, sanded, caulked, and primed before applying the first coat of paint, our house painting projects simply last longer than your typical paint job.

How Do I Find A Great Exterior Painter in Madison?

The key to finding a good house painter comes down to one thing. Prep work – but not just the kind we complete.

With that in mind, here are the most important things to consider when prepping for your search for exterior house painters.

The Early Bird Gets the Best Painter

Savvy homeowners in Madison know the best exterior painters in Madison book up early. To reserve a spot with a great Madison house painter, you’ll need to start getting your estimates in as soon as March or early April at the latest.

As an added perk, booking early allows for scheduling flexibility.

Oh – and finding a painter early is essential if you have a painting completion date in mind (i.e. before your annual 4th of July party).

Prepare for Your Painting Estimate

Taking 15 minutes to do a bit of exterior painting research online before your estimate will go a long way in finding a great exterior painter.

This includes educating yourself on what goes into a great exterior paint job, which will help you set great expectations with your future painting contractor.

Hint: Proper prep work before any kind of painting is done is the #1 most important aspect of a quality exterior paint job.

Additional Exterior Painting Resources for Homeowners in Madison:

Be Sure To Meet Your Painter in Person

Certainly, being at home during the painting estimate is important if you want to find a great home painter.

You are likely a good judge of character so meeting your painting contractor face-to-face can be really helpful to make sure their communication skills are up to par.

Lastly, because you did your homework on exterior painting beforehand, you’ll know exactly what to look out for. But what specific questions should you ask each painter?

Questions To Ask During Your Painting Estimate

Knowing what questions to ask during each house painting estimate is the last aspect in finding a great interior or exterior painter.

Great questions to ask your painter include:

  • Do you have both liability insurance AND Workers comp? (You could ask for copies and check for valid documents.)
  • What exact steps will you take to prep my home for painting?
  • What kind of workers do you have on your crews? Where do you find them and do you do background checks?
  • What kind of warranty do you have on your exterior painting work? (This may be different from the paint warranty details themselves.)
  • How long will my painting project take?

Painters in Madison With Award-Winning Customer Service

Above all, our award-winning Madison house painters are committed to providing a great customer service experience.

With this purpose in mind, they will respect your home and actually LISTEN to your specific needs and incorporate them immediately.

In other words, we treat your exterior painting project (or any home improvement project, for that matter) as we would our own!

Not to mention, our reputation as the best reviewed local Madison painting company is on the line every single day.


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Madison Painters That “Get” Customer Service

Let’s be frank, painting a house isn’t rocket science. It certainly doesn’t take a genius to paint your peeling trim or patch a few holes in your drywall.  Given that, why do so many local homeowners have bad experiences when it comes to working with Madison painting contractors?

Evidently, running an exceptional painting business is more than just painting a wall or caulking a corner. It just takes one rude painter on a crew to completely ruin the experience for you as a homeowner.

Our Painters Make Us Great!

Recruiting and retaining incredible painters and crew leads is what 3rd Gen does best. We’re proud to say our friendly & professional painters are our “secret sauce” when it comes to being a top-rated painter in Madison.

That’s why you can always depend on a 3rd Gen Painter at your home… our painters understand what it means to provide incredible customer service.


In like fashion, our painters will gladly walk you through every step of the exterior painting process. From putting up exterior paint color samples before the start of painting to performing a full clean up at the end of your exterior painting project, they have you covered.

Our painters will gladly walk you through every step of the exterior painting process. From chatting through your exterior paint sample options before the start of painting to performing a full clean up at the end of your exterior painting project, they have you covered.

Finally, to show you how confident we are in our workmanship, we back each painting project with a 2 year guarantee for 2 coat paint jobs.

Have trouble finding the perfect home paint color combo? No worries, our new paint color guide may be a great place to start!

3rd Gen Painting and Remodeling Madison WI


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Proudly Owned & Operated in Madison WI

Paint Store in Madison WI where 3rd Gen team is looking through color swatches.

About 3rd Gen Painting and Remodeling in Madison WI

With roughly 10 years of experience serving the Madison area with expert painting services, Matt started his own painting company, 3rd Gen Painting and Remodeling, in 2017 with a new mission… to create a stress-free experience our clients could actually get excited about. We wanted to become a brand people could trust. Judging by our reviews from homeowners throughout Dane County, we’ve done just that.

Learn more about the 3rd Gen Difference.


100% Licensed, Insured, & Full Workers Comp Coverage

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lead paint removal madison wi

Exterior Painting Guide

Generally speaking, summer marks the beginning of the exterior painting season for both house painting contractors & savvy homeowners alike.

As we progress through each season, you’ll notice signs of wear on your home’s exterior. But when do you know it is time to paint versus waiting one more year?

Luckily, you can find the answer to that question and many more in 3rd Gen’s Homeowner’s Exterior Painting Guide (Spring 2023 Edition).

With our trusty exterior painting guide, you can be 100% confident and ready to protect your home every season.

Professional Painters

At the risk of sounding like we’re undervaluing our services, painting in and of itself isn’t actually all that difficult. But the difference between hiring professional painters and just slapping up a coat of random paint is the attention to detail… not only in service / communication, but also in assessing surfaces, prep work, selecting appropriate paints, and applying the right finishes to achieve long-lasting, high-quality results.

Because of all of these factors, hiring a professional painting contractor for your residential or commercial projects can impact how often you need to re-paint. When done correctly, for example, an exterior paint job should last 5-10 years (depending on exposure to the elements).

Importance of Hiring Professional Painters for Quality Work

Bottom line? We have the expertise and experience to deliver not only a finished product that looks clean and precise, but also the level of customer service you deserve.

Throughout your estimate and at the beginning of your project, we closely assess all surfaces we’re working on. We won’t ignore problem areas just to stick to a schedule. We’ll make you aware of wood rot or other potential issues so you can make informed decisions and we can handle them properly!

When exterior house painting projects aren’t done correctly, they typically fail in the first couple season changes. Since we warranty our painting jobs, it doesn’t serve either one of us to rush through at the expense of doing the job correctly.

This means we’ll take the time to bring in the right tools to clean your home, scrape loose paint, sand (when possible), wire brush, caulk, and prime to prepare the surfaces we’re painting for you. Psst… if your home was built before 1978, there’s a chance lead paint was used at some point. But good news – 3rd Gen is EPA Lead Certified to handle any contaminants properly to keep you and your family safe!

Because of our expert technique and professional equipment (such as commercial sprayers), we’re also able to create a smooth, even application of paint and clean lines. (Because who wants to stare at wavy paint lines along trim or ceilings.)

Overall, hiring professional painters like 3rd Gen can:

  • save you time and stress
  • save you money (through our product discounts, not having to buy or rent tools, not taking time off of work, or having to redo areas multiple times)
  • help your project last longer (through excellent prep and appropriately chosen materials)
  • provide you a cleaner finished product

And as we said before, we pride ourselves on our excellent communication with clients. You’ll never wonder when we’re coming, what we’re doing, or when we’ll be done. We’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Experience and Expertise of Professional Painters in Madison, WI

Because painting is where we got our start in the home improvement world, it’s kind of our bread and butter. Currently, we offer many services in Madison, WI, such as exterior painting, interior painting, drywall, wallpaper removal, fence / deck staining, and porch painting for both residential and commercial properties!

Services Offered

Obviously, every company does things a little differently, so let’s dive into a couple of our painting services a bit more so you know what to expect…

Commercial Painting

Though we got our start in residential painting, we’ve completed many commercial painting projects over the years. From Dairy Queens to local radio stations and office suites to apartment complexes, we’re happy to offer both interior and exterior painting services to fellow Madison business owners.

Benefits of Hiring 3rd Gen for Commercial Projects

Not only will you receive the same high quality work and professional services that our residential clients do, you’ll also get the opportunity to work with a team that gets it. We’re not just a one-man show. We have a full team of multiple crews and know there are important factors for our commercial customers that need to be considered…

For example, we know that updating your space with minimal interruption is vital. Whether that means strategically painting specific areas at a time to limit blocking entrances for customers or coordinating our painting schedule with when employees will be out of the office, we’ve got you covered.

We also know that being budget-friendly is important. And while we are firm on our pricing because it’s fair and calculated strategically to cover costs and care for our team (much like your pricing), we are happy to chat through different materials and other cost-saving options. Together, we can find the right solution for your bottomline.

Residential Exterior Painting Service 

If you’ve ever seen an HGTV type before and after, you know the impact paint can have on the look of a home. It completely revitalizes an outdoor space and if done correctly, can also protect your home for years to come.

When our team of professional painters come to complete the transformation on your outdoor spaces, you can rest assured we’re going to do things right. Let’s do a quick recap of our service details. Here’s what you can expect from our exterior painting process:

  • a design consultation to ensure we’re on the same page about all details including colors, where we can store equipment overnight to keep it out of your way, etc.
  • pre-cleaning using a pressure washer (if not lead contaminated)
  • scraping, sanding (when possible), and / or wire brushing
  • caulking along any major gaps or cracks to protect from moisture
  • priming areas of bare wood
  • 1-2 fresh coats of quality paint using Sherwin Williams high-end materials (with an emphasis on the right type of paint for your home and budget)
  • daily clean up to respect your property
  • final walkthrough with our crew to make sure you’re happy


Our exterior painters are happy to paint (or stain) any of your outdoor spaces including, but not limited to:

  • siding (wood, aluminum, or otherwise)
  • doors
  • shutters
  • decks
  • porch floors
  • fences
  • windows
  • decorative trim
  • garden sheds


Importance of Maintaining the Exterior of a Property

We like to joke about how much a can of paint can transform the look of a home and increase curb appeal, but it’s the truth… a freshly painted home just looks so much better. You can see for yourself just by looking at some of our favorite outdoor paint job before and after photos.

According to an article by Home Light, not only can an exterior paint job provide an ROI of nearly 51%, enhancing your home exterior can also boost the property value of your home by 2-5%. (On a $300,000 home, that’s as much as a $15,000 increase!)

But even if you plan to stick around your home for a while, painting should be a top priority if you want to avoid major issues. Wood rot (which can increase chances of wood-eating insects), water leaking around failing caulk, and long-term exposure of bare wood to the elements can lead to structural damage, which can get expensive quickly!

Good prep work and consistent painting maintenance can go a long way in the preservation of your home and the prevention of serious problems down the road. It keeps your building materials sealed and protected from things like harsh sun, snow, hail, rain, and all the other joyous things Wisconsin weather sends our way!

Residential Interior Painting in Madison, WI

As licensed GCs who remodel home interiors regularly, we’re also able to be a full service painting contractor for you! Not only can we offer a fresh coat of paint in your living spaces, our team can also help with wallpaper removal, trim replacement, and drywall repair.

Again, our goal is to make sure you get the best customer service throughout your painting project. Making you track down multiple contractors to finish the job isn’t what we’d consider stress-free.

When we initially meet during your estimate, our experienced team member will walk you through various options to make sure you receive an affordable price within your budget. For example, one coat of paint is obviously going to be cheaper than two. If we know ahead of time you have budget concerns, we’ll recommend colors or Sherwin Williams paints that will cover well once over.

If you’re excited to give your interior a major paint overhaul, we’re even happy to recommend local designers who can help you choose the best colors to complement your home!

But either way, we’re not just going to collect your square footage info and spit out a number. Our team is here to listen and provide you a custom quote.

Benefits of Interior Painting

While the initial desire isn’t usually as protection driven, interior painting maintenance is also important. Over time, wooden windows and baseboards can get beat up, revealing bare wood. Things like condensation can start to compromise the trim, leading to costly repairs.

If you plan to sell in the near future, you should also know that painting your home’s interior has an ROI of 107%. It’s one of the easiest (and most cost effective) ways to improve your home.

House Painting Color Guide

So I am sure everyone has heard some of the stats regarding the effect of paint colors on your home’s value.

You know, basically the title of every click-bait home improvement article you’ll find on the internet including:

  • Exteriors of homes painted towards the “greige” (gray-beige) paint color family sold for $3,496 more than homes painted brown
  • Light blue or grayish blue bathroom colors add $2,786 to a home sale price (this one is kinda interesting)
  • Living rooms with light taupe wall colors with pink or peach undertones typically sell for $2,793 more than expected
  • Learn more about the cost of painting your home

Look, we aren’t ALL trying to put our homes up for sale tomorrow.

Therefore the paint colors you pick for your home’s exterior should instead reflect your personal color preferences and styles.

In any case, here are some of the up and coming paint color trends you’ll be hearing all about:


Grays are Getting Warmer We’ve seen a notable transition towards the warmer side of the paint palette recently. The latest popular gray color palettes have subtle warmed tones that pair well with more earthy paint color schemes throughout the home.

See the Forest for the Trees (Literally) Lighter bark shades and earthy leaf tones mark a turn towards the warmer side of the paint swatch spectrum. Combine that with natural texture of a stone backsplash or fireplace and you have a full-on natural color trend. Furthermore, Sherwin Williams’ 2023 Color of the year, Redend Point SW9081, is a great tone to bring the warm vibes of the outdoors inside. Sherwin describes it as “a soft neutral that is highly flexible and imparts cozy warmth & natural earthiness.”

Sweet Coral-ine (bom bom bom) Coral paint color shades are more than a silly Neil Diamond song pun these days. Coral and pale pink tones are serious contenders for the breakout color of the year. Coral can inject some much-needed energy into your home’s paint color palette and is officially on the map this year.

We’ve got the Powder Blue Powdery or hazy light blue tones are more than just great color tones for bathrooms & coastal designs. They can be a great backdrop if you are going for a more tranquil, zen-inspired modern or contemporary style in your room.

Swatch of house painting colors of the year 2021-2023 for major brands including Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, & PPG compiled by 3rd Gen Painting & Remodeling (Madison WI Painting Contractors)

3rd Gen Painters Madison WI Reviews

Madison Painting Homeowner Resources

With over 100 5-Star house painting reviews online, 3rd Gen Painting is, without a doubt, the #1 reviewed house painter in Madison WI, and Dane County of 2023!


3rd Gen has a 5-star rating on sites like Yelp & Angieslist

For one thing, our painters and carpenters take a lot of pride in the customer service and quality of work they provide and it shows. Their attention to detail is unmatched and has helped make us one of the best rated painting companies in Madison.

Whether we are doing simple drywall repairs and painting a wall in your living room or building a composite deck in your backyard, our goal is to earn a stellar review from each of our painting or remodeling clients.

Keeping our top spot as one of the top rated painting companies in Madison isn’t going to be easy. However, I have a feeling our painting and remodeling crews are up for the challenge!

Looking For Painting Jobs in Madison WI? We Are Always Hiring Great Painters

Painting Jobs Madison WI | Painting Subcontractor Jobs Madison WI

Looking to work as a painter, house painting crew chief, or painting subcontractor for Wisconsin’s #1 rated painting company?

Navigate over to the Madison Jobs and Careers page to apply for a carpentry job in Madison online.

Furthermore, if you are a painting subcontractor looking for extra interior and exterior painting work in Madison this season, do not hesitate to reach out. Apply online using our painting subcontractor jobs page for more details about working with us as a subcontractor.

Not to mention, our painting subcontractors page is full of useful tips on how to find great margin painting work & which painting companies are best to partner with.

Talented Deck Contractors in Madison WI

We offer more than house painting and deck re-staining! Our deck crews in Madison WI do incredible work & will help design & build the exterior wood or composite deck of your dreams! We are experienced in working with top-quality exterior wood / treated lumber products as well as composite decking brands like AZEK, TimberTech, & Trex Decking. 

If you’re interested in a screen porch, 3 or 4-season room, or a new deck, be sure to check out our decking page to learn more!

portfolio of deck images (both wood & composite) completed by decking contractors, 3rd Gen Deck Builders Madison WI