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A House Painting Contractor in Chicago You Can Trust

Unquestionably, finding an awesome Chicago painting contractors can be difficult. Which Chicago house painters can you trust to give you a quality paint job that lasts?

Perhaps the most important question you could ask yourself during the search for a house painting contractor in Chicago is:

“Which Chicago painting company can give me the highest quality paint job without sacrificing customer service or putting my home at risk?”

Fortunately, 3rd Gen Painting has homeowners in Chicago and near-west suburbs like Hinsdale, La Grange, and Oak Park covered in 2019!

3rd Gen Painting bring you award-winning customer service and a level of painting quality that is rarely found with a Chicago painter.

In fact, 3rd Gen Painting is the #1-rated house painting contractor in Chicago of 2019!


Over 78 Five-Star Painting Reviews Combined Online As of March 2019!

Did You Know? 3rd Gen Painting was recently awarded the “Best Of Houzz Service” Award by Houzz in February 2019.

3rd Gen Painting also carried $2,000,000 in comprehensive liability insurance, full worker’s comp, and is bonded & licensed. Furthermore, we are EPA Lead-certified painting contractors here in Illinois.

Indeed, you can rest-easy that our friendly & fully-vetted professional paint crews are fully covered in case of any emergency.

What does it mean for a contractor to be bonded and insured?

Hiring a trustworthy painting contractor near Chicago to work on your home can be challenging.

Certainly, there are some criteria that you should use to determine whether or not your Chicago contractor can even be a contender.

Simply put, your Chicago painter needs to be licensed, bonded, and insured.

In addition, the painting contractor you choose NEEDS to carry worker’s compensation insurance. If not, you can be on the line for hundreds of thousands of dollars if a painter is injured in or around your home.

Let’s break each of these common terms into what they mean for you as a homeowner in Chicago.

What does it mean when a contractor is insured?

There are two different types of insurance your Chicago contractor needs to carry – liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers any damage done to your property as well as any bodily harm caused by the contractor’s work.

For example, if a painter is using a ladder and break a window, the liability insurance will cover the cost of replacing the window.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s comp insurance protects you from any liability for employee or paint crew member injuries.

For example, if a painter falls off of a ladder and injures their back, this insurance would cover all of their medical expenses (regardless of how it happened).

Without Workers Comp, you would have to use your own homeowner’s insurance and pay out of pocket any amount over that policy. A typical worker’s comp claim exceeds normal homeowner’s insurance policies Without it, you’ll likely be liable for that extra few $100k.

As a whole, it’s a best practice to ask for written proof of insurance from your contractor. This ensures your painting contractor’s insurance policy will cover a worst-case scenario for your home.

How does a contractor bond work?

When a contractor is bonded, it means they’ve purchased a surety bond through either an insurance or surety company.

As a homeowner, this bond can protect you in the event that your contractor doesn’t complete the work as required by your contract or if they do poor work.

If your contractor doesn’t finish their work and you aren’t able to get your money back from them, your next step would be to make a claim with the state contractor’s board.

3rd Gen Painting in Chicago is 100% licensed, bonded, & insured with full worker’s compensation coverage. Go with a Chicago painting contractor you can trust. Get your Free Painting Estimate Online Today!

Our House Painters Have A Higher Standard

Alot of what goes into a great paint job in Chicago rests on the shoulders of the painters working at your home each day.

We like to say that our painters in Chicago are more than skilled craftsman with a professional attention to detail, they are great people.

Surely, our key to finding incredible paint crew members lies in our non-stop painter recruiting process which occurs year-round.

Each of our home painters are hand-selected from thousands of painting job applicants in Chicago each year. This ensures you are only working with the BEST (and fully-vetted) painters in Chicago.

You can trust our professional painting crews to:

  • Maintain excellent daily communication
  • Provide daily clean-ups of the work area
  • Be friendly, polite, and attentive to your requests
  • Focus on proper prep work (80% of a great quality paint job is prep)
  • Exhibit an attention to detail that is tough to match

Above all, you will notice that 3rd Gen’s house painters love what they do and truly enjoy working as a team to exceed your expectations -in every way possible.

Simply put, 3rd Gen’s friendly and professional painting crews in Chicago are one in a million.

It comes as no surprise that our amazing house painting crews are the secret to our success as the #1-rated house painting company in Chicago of 2019.

Chicago’s #1-Rated House Painter

As a whole, you need a Chicago house painting contractor that does what they say they will do and has a proven track record of quality work.

Not to mention, the most incredible painting crew members that Chicago has to offer.

To that end, 3rd Gen Painting and Remodeling is the smartest choice when it comes to picking a Chicago house painter. Schedule your free interior or exterior painting estimate near Chicago online today!

MARCH 14th, 2019 UPDATE: Our interior and exterior painting crews are 80% booked for this coming Spring of 2019. If you need your house painted near Chicago this Spring/Summer, call us today or get your house painting price quote online before it’s too late!

3rd Gen Painting Chicago


Mon-Sun 8:00am – 7:00pm

4095 Garden Ave.
Western Springs, IL 60558

(708) 680-6078

Meet 3rd Gen’s Owners: Matt & Andre

Born & raised in the blue-collar Chicago suburbs of Westmont & Brookfield. They first starting working together in college and are Chicago’s home-grown local house painting experts.

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  • $2,000,000 Liability Insurance
  • Full Workers Comp Coverage
  • Licensed, Bonded, & Insured
  • Lead-Certified Contractor

3rd Gen Painting did an incredible job on our metal staircase!”

“They were professional, timely, and completed the work with excellence. I will be going to 3rd Gen for all future home projects!”

Zach in Wicker Park

Exterior Painting in Chicago, Google 11/19/18

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Chicago Painting Contractors With An Eye For Detail

When it comes to interior or exterior painting, the quality of your paint job rests in your painter’s ability to recognized details others won’t. Luckily, 3rd Gen’s painting crews in Chicago have a talented eye for detail that you rarely find in the painting industry.

In our eyes, if you call yourself a professional painter, you better walk the walk. 3rd Gen Painting only works with the most talented painters in Chicagoland. It often takes us months to find a worthy candidate that exemplifies the qualities of our painting company.

Additionally, our painters inherently understand that painting is 80% prep work. No doubt, they take a ton of pride in the amount of prep they perform way before the first paint can lid is popped open.

This focus on prep is why we carry a minimum of 3-5 year warranties on our residential and commercial painting projects. We trust in the quality our home painters provide and 100% stand behind every paint job.


Award-Winning Chicago Home Painting Near You

Furthermore, our friendly and professional painter’s goal is to exceed every expectation for quality & service you may have for your house painting project.

As of March 2019, 3rd Gen has set a new benchmark of customer service for painting companies in Chicago. In fact, our dedicated painters helped us earn over 79 perfect 5-star reviews on sites like Google, Thumbtack, and AngiesList in 2018.

We like to say that we started first as a customer service company that happens to know how to paint homes incredibly well. Our painting crews exemplify this ideal on and off our job sites.

-Check out a few more of our 2018-2019 home painting service reviews on Yelp and Houzz!


Painters in Chicago That Deliver Great Customer Service

Finally, do you want to know what really sets 3rd Gen Painting in Western Springs apart from all the other painters in Chicago?

3rd Gen’s painters know great customer service.

They are emphatically dedicated to provide an incredible customer service experience for each and every one of our residential or commercial painting customers in Chicago.

Our painters simply treat your home as their own.

To that end, our professional painting crews understand that our spot as the best rated painting contractor in Chicago is on the line – every single project.

Chicago’s Premier Painting Contractor

-In case you are curious, Our goal for 2019 is to beat our 2018 total and earn 100 more house painting customer reviews!

By and large, looking for a good painting contractor in Chicago doesn’t have to be difficult anymore.

As shown above, you now have a Chicago painting contractor who you can trust to take care of all of your interior or exterior house painting needs in 2019 and beyond!

Get in touch today to schedule your free interior or exterior painting estimate before we are 100% booked for the year!

3rd Gen Painting in Chicago Makes Choosing Paint Colors Fun!

We believe choosing a new paint color for your home should be fun, not stressful. That is why every interior or exterior house paint job you book with 3rd Gen Painting includes a complimentary paint color consultation!

Your Complimentary Paint Color Consultation

First, we will schedule a time to meet before the start of the paint job to help discuss possible options for your wall colors.

During this step, you will be given a complimentary paint color fan deck to help you narrow down your interior wall color.

Furthermore, you will be able to keep the paint fan deck we provide for future paint projects!

Sherwin Williams Paint Store Countryside W 55th St

Paint Color Test Patch Samples

Next, 3rd Gen will apply complimentary paint test patches onto the walls to help you visualize the color in the space.

What’s more, 3rd Gen Painting will provide complimentary paint test patch sample quarts, application sponges, cleaning materials, and masking paper or plastic to protect surrounding areas.

last but not least, you will have the choice of up to three different paint color test patch samples applied on the walls in 2x2 sections to help you visualize the new paint color in the space.

Match or Discover Your Favorite New Paint Color

In addition, you will have full access to your very own dedicated paint representatives from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore as well as our super useful paint color visualizer and color match software programs.

Likewise, you will be able to utilize our extensive paint color database of every paint color from every paint store from the past 25 years. You can count on us to match any old paint cans you have or paint color swatches from the past few decades!

Do you happen to love a particular shade of blue on an accent pillow in your living room? We can match that too! Using our paint color visualizer, we can create a custom paint mix to match any physical surface or decor item in your home.

Become A Paint Color Expert with 3rd Gen’s Paint Color Selection Toolkit

On the whole, 3rd Gen’s Paint color selection toolkit makes the entire house painting color selection process a breeze!

Contact 3rd Gen Painting in Western Springs today to schedule your free paint color design consultation or house painting estimate in Chicago, Hinsdale, Western Springs, La Grange, or Oak Park this coming 2019 season!

You can also look through our super-useful frequently asked questions page or the full list of cities we work in by visiting our locations page.

Lastly, you can learn more about how 3rd Gen Painting and Remodeling first got started by visiting our story page online.