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Trusted Deck Builders in Madison WI

Looking for a local deck builder in Madison that can help design and build the deck of your dreams?

Undoubtedly, 3rd Gen is Madison’s most trusted deck builder and deck repair expert with an extensive track record of quality and amazing service that is impossible to match.

In fact, 3rd Gen was rated the #1 best deck building company in Madison WI in 2019 on sites like Yelp, Houzz, & Thumbtack -and for good reason.


3rd Gen’s deck builders in Madison know the ins and outs of building beautiful decks. Our deck building crews have a professional eye for detail that ensures the quality of your new deck is top notch.

 No doubt, we only hire the best of the best when it comes to our deck building team in Madison. Our decking professional are skilled deck building artisans that know everything there is to know

In addition, our decking craftsman are well-versed in the lastest Madison building codes and construction zoning regulations. From pulling building permits to submitting deck plans, we will take care of every step of the deck building process from start to finish.

 Next, our professional Madison deck builders know the value of open communication and customer support during the deck building process. Unquestionably, they are 100% committed to providing an incredible customer service experience during and after your deck is built.

Ultimately, you combine all of these attributes and it’s no wonder 3rd Gen Deck Builders is Madison’s top rated decking contractor.

we will make your dream decking project turn out even more beautiful than you could ever have imagined!

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A Madison Deck Builder’s Commitment To Quality Workmanship

 Our talented deck building crews here in Madison, WI pride themselves on being able to provide a level of quality and service that is a rare in the deck building industry.

From day one, our deck building team’s goal is to exceed your expectations.

Consequently, we are so confident in the quality of our work that we offer a lifetime guarantee on our structural workmanship as well as a 30-year guarantee on most of our recommended composite decking materials.


3rd Gen’s deck building crews are experts in structural deck installations, deck building codes, and deck inspections & safety. They are experienced professional with an extensive track record of success.

Deck Builders in Madison That Make Customer Service A Priority

A quality deck build or deck repair requires more than just fastening deck boards and replacing rotten wood railings.

Not to mention, you need a deck builder in Madison that delivers on their promises -every single time.

Furthermore, you need an experienced professional that is dedicated to providing an amazing customer service experience every step of the way.

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From initial concept and design to the very final cleanup, our deck building team in Madison simply cares about your dream deck project as much as you do!

Call 3rd Gen Deck Builders in Madison WI today or send us a message online to schedule your free deck inspection or deck building estimate.

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Our Deck Building Services in Madison Include:

  • Wood Deck Building
  • Composite Deck Building
  • Deck Repairs
  • Deck Resurfacing & Refinishing
  • Custom Deck Builds
  • Deck Design Services
  • Deck Inspections
We Use Only The Highest Quality Deck Building Materials Including:

Our Deck Building and Design Process

Step 1: Tell Us About Your Deck Building Project

Typically, our clients begin the process by sending us a short message describing their deck building project in Madison.

Free free to Call 3rd Gen as well if you are on the go!

Tell Us About Your Project

Step 2: Schedule Your Free Estimate or Deck Inspection

Matt will schedule a time to walk around the project site together and inspect any existing decking structures with you. During which, you can describe any decking ideas you may have and decking materials that you may want to use.

Additionally, he will show you what is possible in regards to your deck and may be able to give you a rough ballpark on pricing.

Lastly, we will send you a detailed deck building quote within the next few days (don’t worry, you can request changes to the proposal as needed before approval).

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3rd Gen’s Owner, Matt Schmidt

Madison’s local Decking and Remodeling Expert

Step 3: Deck Design and Material Selection

Matt will meet with you before your project to go over material options, colors, and fixtures. During this step, Matt can provide a rough mock-up of your deck building project along with project scheduling details.

This step also includes pulling permits and submitting the deck plan to you local Wisconsin building department.

Lastly, we will prep the work site. This includes demo-ing existing structures as needed, outlining the new deck area, inspecting underground and surrounding utilities, removing sod, prepping the soil, and digging holes for footings.

Step 4: Let’s Build Your Dream Deck in Madison!

This is where your dream deck for your home starts to become a reality!

At the beginning of this step: we will set footings, secure the beams, posts, and footers to build the deck framing and supports.

Your decking project will really start coming together as we install the joists, secure the deck floor boards, and start trimming the decking.

Next, we will install any remaining items on your deck build checklist including:

  • Deck railings and trim
  • Deck Stairs and Landings
  • Benches & Planters
  • Trellises, skirting, and Privacy Fencing
  • Pergolas or Sunshade Installation
  • Custom lighting and Decor

Following that, a full cleanup of the job site area and proper disposal of any construction materials is performed. We can also stain, paint, or add a finish to the deck if required at this point.

In addition, our deck building team will perform a final internal inspection of your deck building project.

Lastly, a final walk-through will be performed with you to ensure you satisfaction with the project and a final customer survey will be sent out for you to provide feedback and overall satisfaction level.

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Composite Decking vs Wood Decking

You have probably heard of composite decking by now but what is truly the best decking material to use for your next decking project?

In this next article, we separate the fact from fiction when it comes to comparing wood decking vs composite decking.

To help you make the best decision for the surface of your deck, we’re going to walk you through the differences between composite and wood decking. We’ll analyze the pros and cons of each so you can feel confident with your choice! Let’s get started!


Wood Decking

The two main types of wood decking are pressure treated lumber & cedar wood decking; however, other hardwood options are available at a higher cost such as redwood, ipe, or bamboo.

These types of decks have definitely been around the longest and you have surely seen them around your neighborhood.

Regardless of the type of wood, the pros and cons are about the same:


  • A little cheaper to build because the material cost is lower.
  • You can change the color & finish of the deck as often as you’d like using stain or paint
  • Replacing damaged boards is rather easy (although staining to match the rest of the wood on the deck is a different story)


  • Wood wears, weathers, and warps over time
  • You must stain, paint, or reseal your wood deck every 2-5 years
  • Costly wood rot can occur if deck is not maintained

Composite Decking

Composite decking is a bit newer to the market and has been lauded as the ultra-durable maintenance free decking material of the future.

In basic terms, composite decking is just how it sounds… It’s a hybrid material made using both ground-up wood and plastic.

Because of the plastic elements, it has many pros and a few cons that wood does not:


  • More durable and lasts longer
  • Doesn’t require continued painting or staining
  • Color will last for years
  • No splinters or rot to worry about
  • Lightweight material


  • Once you choose a color, you’ll have to stick with it
  • A bit more expensive than wood decking
  • Certain liquids may cause blemish spots (spray-on sunscreen or bug spray)
  • Replacement deck boards or fixtures may be expensive and hard to find down the line

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Both wood and composite decks carry their particular pros and cons.

Still stuck with your decision between wood and composite? Your contractor should be able to help you. They can ask you a series of questions regarding how you’ll use the deck that will help them advise you best.